About Judi

Judi Deatherage is a retired business education teacher from Kentucky with a passion for educating teens about money. During her teaching career, Judi taught accounting and finance courses to high school and college students.  Judi has recently completed Becoming Money $mart for Goodheart-Willcox, a Chicago textbook publisher. Becoming Money $mart is a hands-on supplemental workbook that can be used in any high school curriculum to teach students about money in a four-to six-week time frame--perfect for teachers who want to include finance but have little or no background in the subject. Judi's first book, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, focuses on basic principles of financial literacy for teens.

Judi is a dynamic, passionate speaker, whether she is talking to high school or college students. She also is an effective speaker for adult groups(parents/grandparents) and welcomes the opportunity to educate teachers about the importance of educating teens and young adults about finance. She has led teacher in-service programs as far away as Dallas, TX.