About Judi

Becoming Money $mart has been given an exceptional rating by the Stockton Center for Economic & Financial Literacy.

"Becoming Money $mart consists of 11 chapters on "standard" curriculum topics including paycheck management, budgetng, banking, credit, insurance, auto and housing loans, investments, and retirement planning. The book is visually appealing with good use of color and white space and numerous photos and illustrations. The layout of each chapter is straightforward and uniform and includes financial terms, objectives, review questions, chapter summaries, and math applications. The publisher also provides additional online content for students and an Instructor's CD. The content of the book focuses on key concepts that students need to know to become money smart without a lot of extraneous information."                              Barbara O'Neill, Rutgers University

"Judi Deatherage has her pulse on business savvy needs of young people. Her advice on financial matters will make a huge difference in the quality of life for students who read and act on it... this should be required reading for every high school and college student in America."            Gary Griesser, Former Associate Commissioner , KY Department of Education

"Ms. Deatherage was always able to explain things in a manner that made sense to teens. She made you want to learn more."         Suzy Smith, Former Student